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Bardsley & Brown Ltd is a Berkshire-based small partnership of two Master Thatchers. Established in 1989 by Barney Bardsley and Dave Brown the company has been thatching roofs to the highest standards since then, and have a host of satisfied customers with a wide range of roof styles and properties. We are based in Berkshire and surrounding counties and whilst we aren't the cheapest Thatchers, we focus on quality workmanship that will outlast cheaper roofs. The site has a selection of our work available for view, as well as a history and ethos of our business to help you understand what we are about. We also have some Frequently Asked Questions regarding thatch and a little guide to what the craft of thatching is all about. We'd love to thatch your property, of course, but hopefully you'll come away from our site with a better understanding of thatch and whomever you choose to work with will be better for it.

Barney began thatching in 1976 spending four years learning the craft with a thatching company in East Berkshire.  He has been a member of the Oxford, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire Master Thatcher's Association (OBBMTA) since 1978 and was chairman for 16 years.  He was also the OBBMTA representative for many years on several national thatching bodies and helped to set up an NVQ for thatching.

He is married with three children and three grandchildren and his interests include canals, industrial architecture and he is presently chairman of a local philatelic society.  He loves music.

David began thatching in 1977, working with his father who had been a well-respected Thatcher for over twenty-five years in the area around East Garston, Berkshire. David is a member of the OBBMTA, as was his father before him. Having spent a couple of years renovating his house, David now has some spare time during which he enjoys looking after his smallholding, renovating vintage tractors, and sharing the care of several rescued donkeys and ponies with his wife, Jane. David and Jane have two children.

In 1989 Barney and David decided to amalgamate their businesses and form Bardsley and Brown Master Thatchers. Most of the contracts we undertake are within a 30-mile radius of Newbury although work is sometimes undertaken further afield. We use all the main thatching materials, (Long Straw, Combed Wheat Reed and Water Reed), although presently, Combed Wheat Reed is by far the most commonly used material in the area. We will happily advise on a programme of work for the thatching requirements of a property and willingly liaise with builders, architects, surveyors and conservation officers, as needed, at both planning and building stages. We are able to give independent roof surveys for estate agents, potential purchasers of thatched properties, insurance companies and thatch owners. We have thatched roofs of all shapes and sizes from a large modern family house through pubs and even a small dog kennel! Jane Brown and Mig Bardsley are partners in the business. Jane does all the secretarial work while Mig deals with some of the day-to-day administration.

We are always happy to answer questions, either in relation to work or quotes or just thatching in general. You can contact us on the phone or by email: Tel: (01635) 201546 / (01635) 255149 email: barney@bardsleyandbrown.co.uk

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