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Bardsley & Brown Ltd is a Berkshire-based small partnership of two Master thatchers. Established in 1989 by Barney Bardsley and Dave Brown the company has been thatching roofs to the highest standards since then, and have a host of satisfied customers with a wide range of roof styles and properties. We are based in Berkshire and surrounding counties and whilst we aren't the cheapest thatchers, we focus on quality workmanship that will outlast cheaper roofs.

Our website has a selection of our work available for view, as well as a history and ethos of our business to help you understand what we are about. We also have some Frequently Asked Questions regarding thatch and a little guide to what the craft of thatching is all about. We'd love to thatch your property, of course, but hopefully you'll come away from our site with a better understanding of thatch and whomever you choose to work with will be better for it.For estimates or any queries about thatching, contact us by phone on:(01635) 201546  or (01635) 255149 or email:

Thatched Roofs

Not only are thatched roofs a beautiful and iconic part of England's landscape, they have other, practical features which may be overlooked.  For instance they have very good sound and heat insulation and the material is sustainable.


Most ridges will need replacing at least once in the lifetime of the roof.  This is because the fixings are exposed to the weather instead of being hidden under the thatch as is the case on the main coat. It is usual to replace any wire netting at the same time as re-ridging.

Other Services

Minor timberwork to the roof structure is a service we offer and we are always happy to work with builders and architects to ensure that whatever is built will be suitable for thatch.  We are also able to provide temporary protection for emergencies such as storm damage.

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